1. Upload Your Photo

2. Receive Your Dragon

• The higher the resolution the better. (Dragons like to look good!)

• You must own the rights to your photo. (Don't be a shady dragon!)

• Family friendly photos only. I reserve the right to deny service for any reason.

  (Don't be a bad dragon.) 

• I do not share your finished Wonder Dragon photo without asking first.

• I will not use your information except for contacting you about your dragon.  

• $15 gets you one dragon added to your photo. Additional cost for each

   additional dragon. (Dragons gotta eat!)


• Which dragon you get and how they interact with your picture is up to the    

  dragon master. Because of the amount of dragons I need to tame at a time, I   am unable to take requests. Plus, the fun is discovering your dragon!

• Receive your finished picture with your new Wonder Dragon via email within      the posted turn around time. (Turn around time is subject to change even         after order is placed based on volume of orders and otherwise external             factors).

• The finished picture is yours to use as you wish EXCEPT sell or alter it. Post,      share, tag, etc. Dragons love to be on social media! #WonderDragons

Dragon Master's Choice Only! 

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